Fair Prices:

While other companies offer flat rates for there buses, we believe that its wrong to charge someone for a limousine in the middle of winter when demand is low, for the same time as a limousine in during the spring and summer wedding season when we see the highest demand. That's why we offer personalized quotes for each and every one our clients. These prices depend on how many people will be transported by the limousine, as well as how far you will be going and for how long. The biggest deciding factor however, is the current demand for limousines. Day of higher demand, such as weekends and the spring and summer wedding season will yield higher prices, then a week day. By doing this we are able to always adjust our prices so that you always get the most bang for your buck. When you are ready to book, for a completely accurate quote, please have in mind how many people you have attending, where and when you will be picked up from, how many stops you will be planning to make, and what date the occasion will take place? This information will help us give you a personalized quote more quickly and accurately.